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Year Make Model Body Search

Year Make Model Body (YMMB) Search

Starting today you can now search by YMMB alongside our VIN decoder. From the account tab on the web you can turn on the YMMB search. Click on the toggle to turn it on.

YMMB Search

YMMB search data is specific to the country you are in. YMMB search is currently available for USA / Canada / Mexico. Coming soon United Kingdom / Australia / South Africa

New YMMB Search

Matching Parts has a new layout that focuses on photos and videos. To see all part details you click on the part details drop down arrow. NEW FEATURE thumbs down button. Click on the thumbs down button to let us know that the matching part is supposed to be there. We will remove it.

New Layout VIn Decoder and YMMB Search

ADD PHOTOS: Add photos that you have or can take from the web or the app. Anyone can add photos. Try it !!!!

YMMB Add Photos

See the video below for an introduction and demo of the YMMB search and add photos.


monthly updates

American Glass Distributor Search

American Glass Distributor Search

Starting today you can now search American Glass for pricing and availability. From the profile page (click on your name in the top right corner) you can login to your American Glass account with your customer number.

After you login, click on the distributors tab and you will see a button that says "Search Parts" in the top right corner. Click on that and you will be able to search any part to see if it's in stock and pricing.


Second feature we added is an Auto Glass Pricing Calculator that you can use to quickly quote a customer based on the part number you searched. You will be able to save labor , sales tax and urethane costs in the profile tab if those costs stay the same most of the time.

It will have to be setup on the web first before you can use it in the app. App version will be available in the next few days. Full CRM subscription required.

See the video below for an introduction and demo of the Distributor Search and Pricing Calculator.


App Updates monthly updates

Quote Request Add On

Quote Request Add On

For our April update we did a survey on which update would be the most important for our customers. The feature that won, was the quote tool - install plugin on your website to be able to have customer send in VIN / pictures etc and it comes into the CRM under quote tab.


Quote Survey Screenshot

Today for our April update, we are launching a quote request add on tool that we think every auto glass shop and independent installer needs. This add on will allow you to text/email customers to easily get pictures from your customers and our system will auto detect features on the uploaded photos to tell you the part number. You can also create the quote and text/email them a link that already has there information in it. Watch the video below for a short demo of how to use the quote request add on tools.

Quote Request Add on with Image Feature Detection

Quote Request Add on detects Heads Up Display

AutoGlassCRM Quote Request Mobile Android Customer View

AutoGlassCRM Quote Request Mobile iOS Customer View

AutoGlassCRM Quote Tool Link to Pre-Filled Quote

WordPress website plugin will be launched and available for download via plugins page in wordpress in May 2021.

App Updates monthly updates

NAGS Licensing Per Search and Monthly Subscriptions

NAGS Licensing Per Search / Monthly Subscriptions

UPDATED: August 25th 2021

We have added the Canadian NAGS database. Canadian NAGS database NAGS pricing is in CAD and includes specific Canada part numbers not available in the USA. Per Search pricing and monthly pricing is also in CAD and is available on the web and in the app.

See Screenshots below.

To show that this update is to add NAGS pricing and labor hours for our Canadian customers.

With our January update we have added NAGS part number , NAGS pricing and NAGS hours into the CRM. You will be able to look up NAGS information from the menu on the left side on the web or in the app.

We will be offering two separate add-on subscriptions from the CRM subscriptions. Per search is available to everyone right away and will be billed along side your expedited requests if you are on the Full CRM monthly subscription or per search VINs if you are on per search weekly. If you want monthly unlimited NAGS that will be an add-on to your AutoGlassCRM subscription.

Per Search: 1.00 per lookup (part number searched will be accessible for 24 hours then you will be charged an additional search) Available for everyone right now, you do not need to turn this on.

Monthly: 75.00 per user per month for unlimited NAGS searches (all sales and billing users, installers not included in user count) You can turn this on, on the account tab. Admin will have to subscribe to NAGS. Month to month no contract.

NAGSĀ® and GlassMateĀ® are registered trademarks owned by Mitchell International, Inc. The NAGS Data and All Related OEM and Aftermarket Information are provided under License from Mitchell International, Inc. NAGS Data and NAGS Database is provided under license agreement.


NAGS Search
NAGS Search FW02556
NAGS Search by exact part number FW02556 GGY
NAGS Search History
App Updates monthly updates

Filter results by features

VIN Decoder Update: Filter Results by Feature

Today we are adding a new feature to the VIN Decoder. This filter will allow you confirm with your customer the features that the vehicle has so you can confidently order the correct windshield.

This update will be immediately available on the website and watch for the next update for the Android and iOS app to see the filter on most searches in the app.

In this video below we give a short demo of how to use the new filter feature we just added to the VIN Decoder. This filter allows you to break down the available options by feature and confirm that feature with your customer. You have videos and images you can use to also confirm with your customer. Have your customer send you a picture to match it up to what you see in our system and use the questions in the filter to ask your customer about their vehicle.

Youtube Link for Web Desktop Version:

Youtube Link for Android and iOS App Version: