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NAGS Licensing Per Search and Monthly Subscriptions

NAGS Licensing Per Search / Monthly Subscriptions

With our January update we have added NAGS part number , NAGS pricing and NAGS hours into the CRM. You will be able to look up NAGS information from the menu on the left side on the web or in the app.

We will be offering two separate add-on subscriptions from the CRM subscriptions. Per search is available to everyone right away and will be billed along side your expedited requests if you are on the Full CRM monthly subscription or per search VINs if you are on per search weekly. If you want monthly unlimited NAGS that will be an add-on to your AutoGlassCRM subscription.

Per Search: 1.00 per lookup (part number searched will be accessible for 24 hours then you will be charged an additional search) Available for everyone right now, you do not need to turn this on.

Monthly: 75.00 per user per month for unlimited NAGS searches (all sales and billing users, installers not included in user count) You can turn this on, on the account tab. Admin will have to subscribe to NAGS. Month to month no contract.

NAGSĀ® and GlassMateĀ® are registered trademarks owned by Mitchell International, Inc. The NAGS Data and All Related OEM and Aftermarket Information are provided under License from Mitchell International, Inc. NAGS Data and NAGS Database is provided under license agreement.


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